A comprehensive estate plan that’s custom-made for you ensures that your loved ones will be cared for when you’re gone.

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We've helped over 10,000 clients find peace of mind, and 我们可以帮忙 you, too!

您是否需要创建或更新遗产计划? 皇冠官方APP下载, 我们是认真的提供一个上级, 以客户为中心的体验,具有竞争力的价格.


皇冠官方APP下载, we offer our clients personalized, comprehensive estate planning. 我们的法律业务专注于遗嘱认证和遗产规划事宜. Our experienced staff is skilled in handling the most basic estate planning as well as incredibly complex estate planning issues. 我们的遗产规划律师与客户密切合作,准备遗嘱, 信托基金, and any other legal documents that are necessary to carry out the goals of our clients.

作为忙碌的美国人,很容易推迟对未来的规划. 许多美国人没有遗嘱或任何其他形式的遗产计划. 当加州居民去世时没有留下遗嘱, the state probate courts determine who will receive the assets of the deceased. Estate plans allow Californians to direct the distribution of their estate according to their goals.

制定遗产计划可以帮助去世的亲人的家人. Comprehensive California estate plans make it easy for loved ones to access necessary accounts and information. 遗产规划也尊重死者的意愿. The skilled 萨克拉门托 estate planning attorneys at The 皇冠官方APP下载 can help you set up a comprehensive estate plan. 我们根据客户的个人需求量身定制遗产计划. Contact our 萨克拉门托 law office today to schedule your initial consultation.


Taking the time to engage in thorough estate planning is extremely beneficial. 制定一个深思熟虑的遗产计划可以帮助你:

  • Define your wishes regarding end-of-life treatment or other critical medical decisions
  • 在你死后照顾配偶、重要的其他人或家庭伴侣
  • 减少或在某些情况下消除昂贵的遗嘱认证相关成本
  • Minimize estate taxes, allowing more assets to pass to surviving family members
  • 按你的意愿分配财产
  • 为有特殊需要的孩子提供帮助, 年迈父母的需要, or another beneficiary who would benefit from a trust structured to meet their needs for life


几千年来, people have created some form of a 最后的 Will and Testament to direct the distribution of their assets after death. 执行遗嘱是一个相对简单的过程. 然而,立遗嘱的人 必须按照加州法律创建它吗. 加州只承认书面遗嘱是有效的. 遗嘱可以是打字的,也可以是手写的. Testators cannot simply scratch out parts of their will or add new sections by hand. 这样做可能会使意志面临挑战.

如果你想立遗嘱的话, 皇冠官方APP下载的一位律师可以帮你. We can also help you create a valid codicil (addition) to your will or help you revoke your old will and create a new one if necessary.

The testator must be at least 18 years old and of sound mind when they sign and date the will. At least two people must witness the testator sign the will and must sign themselves. Witnesses must sign an affidavit stating that the testator had the mental capacity to create the will. Finally, a will must designate one or more beneficiaries who will receive the assets of the estate.

If you are concerned that your current will is not legally valid in the state of California, 我们可以帮忙. 今天就皇冠官方APP下载的律师事务所安排初次预约. One of our estate planning attorneys can discuss any legal issues with your will and advise you going forward.


信托是拥有和转让财产的法律实体. 信托是有用的遗产规划工具. 对大多数加州房主来说, a revocable living trust offers numerous benefits including avoiding a California probate upon your death. 信托可以使资产免于纳税. 信托基金 also allow for the smooth and automatic transfer of ownership of assets at the death of the trust creator or grantor. 我们的客户通常享有信任所提供的隐私.

皇冠官方APP下载, we help many clients create 信托基金 to transfer their assets to beneficiaries smoothly. One of the best aspects of using 信托基金 in estate planning is that we can easily tailor your trust to meet your specific needs and goals. 我们创建了以下所有类型的信托:

  • 不可撤销信托
  • 可撤销生前信托
  • 不可撤销人寿保险信托
  • 特殊需要信托基金
  • 授予人保留年金信托
  • 慈善剩余信托基金
  • 合格个人住宅信托基金
  • 故意缺陷授予人信托


除了立遗嘱和信托之外, 我们还帮助客户制定预先医疗指示(AD). An AD designates an agent to make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated and unable to make critical end-of-life and other healthcare decisions. 除了指定一个医疗保健代理, creators of AD can give instructions about their wishes and goals in the event of incapacitation. Many clients include the types of treatments they would like to help keep them alive.

An AD also specifies whether you would like to receive life support in the case of a coma. More generally, this document allows you to define what having a good quality of life means for you. Every AD should include a HIPAA waiver that allows medical caretakers to discuss your treatment and condition with your authorized agents.


持久授权书是在遗产规划中经常使用的法律形式. A Durable Power of Attorney ensures that an appointed agent can make financial decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Our estate planning attorneys help our clients create tailored Durable Power of Attorney documents.


Taking the time to create a comprehensive estate plan is critical for everyone. 皇冠官方APP下载, we have helped many clients and their families develop effective and personalized estate plans. Whether you already have an estate plan that you would like to update or you would like to create your first estate plan, 我们可以帮忙. Contact our law office today to schedule your initial consultation with our 萨克拉门托, 福尔松的, 或罗斯维尔办公室. 为了您的方便,我们提供面对面、虚拟和电话预约.